Our Story II

Nathalie: Southpoint had a music day on March 2014. Lawrence and a group of others came to the stage to start the interlude for start of Divine service. Mind you, I am sure I “saw” him around church but this day, I really saw him! I remember him wearing jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved crew neck black sweater shirt. My first thought was, “Where is his mother? And, who let him out of the house with jeans on??!”

In my defense, I come from a very conservative home and to wear jeans to church is a big no-no! So I was genuinely shocked!

So, he caught my attention and, yes, I was a bit judgmental…..sinners go to church: remember that! 🙂 However, the jeans were a good thing because I truly noticed him and as I watched this kid who “dared to wear jeans to church” I thought “hmm, he kinda cute ;).”

So, I started checking him out every Sabbath (shh!) and there was something about him that got me thinking, “why do I feel like I should know him?” Then, I remembered the FB request…about 6mos later !. So, I checked out his FB again (more in depth this time), and started asking around about him trying to figure out who he was…

Then I sent the sentence that forever changed our life:


Lawerence: She never showed up for the breakfast! 😐

Nathalie: 🙂

Lawrence: I was at praise team practice when I finally got the notification that Nathalie and I were now friends (:|) and that she texted me! I too was watching her at church (shh!), and was interested in her. However, I never said a word to her until she FB messaged me. As they say, the rest is history. We continued to FB messaged each other and did not actually meet face to face to like maybe 3(?) Sabbaths later? What really sealed the deal for me was the day she came to spend a day with me at the piano room.

I felt like I have known her forever and we spoke as if we knew each other forever!

Nathalie: I too enjoyed the piano room “date…” the second half! Not the first! I was really comfortable speaking to and being around Lawrence. Throughout that time I just kept thinking, “man, he’s hot!” or “I can’t believe he is talking to me!” lol 🙂 .

Lawrence: We are so blessed that God not only heard the similar prayers we both prayed but answered both prayers quicker then we ourselves anticipated! We are so thankful that God has kept us throughout these years and through this long distance season we have been since the beginning of our walk together. We cannot be more blessed to have each other by ourside as we journey through this thing called ‘life’ together.

“I found him whom my soul loveth. I held him and would not let him go.” –Song of Solomon 3:4


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