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How Lawrence and I met is a testiment of how something good can be right under your nose and you see (or rather smell???) it not!

We attended the same church for over 6 months and neither spoke to or even came around and said "Happy Sabbath" to each other during the "welcome" moment at church!

Nathalie: I met Lawrence simply out of chance. I moved to Jacksonville secondarily to my sister re-locating there for school. Initially, the plan was for her to move whilst I remained where I was. I was comfortable. I had a job that paid decently and I just did not want to move.......until I got lonely and missed my sister about 3wks after she had moved on. So, I called her up and was like,

Me: "How cool it would be for us to be roommates again?"

Her response?

Sister: "Not cool."

Me: "Too bad! We're going to be roommates next week!"

She was so thrilled....not! 😉

I re-located to Jacksonville in August 2013 and re-united with my bestie and roomie. After one Sabbath there, both my sister and I agreed that there were no guys here...oh well.



Unbeknowest to me, I sat in the same room as my future husband and knew him not!

Fast forward to Dec. 2013 I attended a single's ministry retreat. At that retreat, the speaking encourage us to write a letter of the characteristics we would like our future spouse to embody and they will pray over it. Our job was to let go and let God bring our spouse to us. Initially, I rebelled against writing this letter. Seriously. Like, what if God's will in my life is to be single forever?? I do not want that and so I was definitely not going to do this. So, I didn't. I did not write the letter at all during the retreat. Nor did I write it all of January. Nor, for a good portion of February. I remember thinking mid-February, if I do not write this letter I will be single. If I do write the letter I possibly will still remain single. So, whether I write it our not I am single. So, really, what do I have to lose? Thus, I wrote the letter, prayed over it, and came to peace with the "Thy will be done" part of the prayer ....Yes, even if it meant I could possibly be single. Forever. Thank God He had another plan for me! 🙂

Lawrence:  I still remember that Sabbath that Nathalie came to sit in the Sabbath school class I was attending. Until this day I remain unmemorable to her! Afterwards, Facebook (FB) showed me potential individuals I might now. Nathalie and I had mutual friends on FB and so I decided to send her a FB friend request around September which she ignored!

I was just getting out of a relationship and was frustrated with the whole dating scene.

Around December 2013, I composed a piano piece dedicating it to my future spouse. I wanted the next lady I dated to be my wife and thus, I did not go looking but trusted that God would send her my way.

I too was expecting this person to come into my life way in the future. However, I already met her! All I had to do is wait for her to respond to my FB request.........someday

Nathalie: I remember seeing the FB request Lawrence sent. However, at that time I had no idea who he was! I saw that we had mutual friends and that we attended the same church, but after going through his page, I had no clue who he was so I just hit the "ignore" button and went about my business.

Months went by and we still said nothing to each other! Until.....

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