The first "date" we had that truly solidified our attraction for each other was at the piano room. That "date" came about when I told Lawrence that I too play the piano and took piano lessons from 12yrs of age until about 18years when I started pursuing another path in life. So, Lawrence suggested I come and hang out at his place (the piano room! lol) and play something for him. So, we wanted a site that reflected how music - specifically the piano history we shared - connected us. Thus, LovesLegato was created!

LovesLegato can be translated to love's progression. Thus, this term serves to highlight our love progression, and from this progression we draw some objects lessons of Christ's love towards humanity.



The "O" portion symbolizes a chord in music. A chord is where three notes are played together simultaneously to form a harmony. Thus, we use the musical chord to symbolize  how our love consists of myself (Nathalie), Lawrence and Christ: a three cord strong that is not easily broken, and tied together in perfect harmony.



untitled3The "V" in love is a play on what is known as accent marks in music (turned 90 degrees). Accent marks denotes to the musician to play that particular note louder, or with more emphasizes. We will have a lot of "accented" moments during the duration of our lifetime together - whether good or bad. The "accent marked" events could be the birth of our child(ren), celebration of anniversaries, graduation, buying our first home, family life events, or even death, sickness, illness, etc. You got the idea!


The "E" portionuntitled stands to represents a play on the musical eighth note. An eighth note is a note that is played rather quickly. Thus, we use this as a symbol that life at times can seem to move rather quickly. However, we should remember during our "eighth note" moments in life to stop, breathe (the apostrophe in music is a symbol the the wind player should take a breath where the apostrophe is place before continuing) and remember to take time out and enjoy each other, enjoy life, and relax!



The "S" portion stands to represent the musical symbol for repeat (dal segno al coda). When one sees this symbol, they return back to the beginning of the piece and repeat until they have reached what is known as the coda al. fine (explained later) which tells them to go to the end of the piece. Life is full of repeats, patterns and routines. At times, it seems like all we do is the same routine over and over again to the point where we get comfortable and miss/neglect/forget the important things in life. Thus, we use this symbol not only to symbolize the "repeats" in life, but also to serve as a reminder to us to always go back to the beginning of what brought us together and re-live them, non-stop until we reached our coda al. fine.



In Italian, "legato" means "in a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks between notes." In the musical world, legato means "tied together." - Wikipedia

It is an arch-like symbol that connects one note with another (or multiple) note(s) informing the musician that these interconnected notes should be played in a smooth, uninterrupted and continuous fashion.

We use this symbols to demonstrated how love should be continuous, uninterrupted and that we should remain connected to each other.



The "O" portion of "legato" can mean two different things.


  1. a whole note. A whole note is a note that is held for 4 counts. It is the smallest note that can be used to singularly complete one measure on a 4/4 count music piece. So, we use it to play on the word "whole." Lawrence and I were like two half notes coming together to make a whole note. Also, when we surrender our lives to Christ, we become whole. Thus, because we are whole in Christ, we can be join together and become one in this measure of life called marriage.
  2. It also can represent a coda (if turned 180 degrees!). A coda in music represents the ending of a piece after it has been repeated (see "S" in LOVE'S"). The very unfortunate part of life is that it comes to an eventual end. However, when it does for us, we want our life to be a life of love joined together by Christ: through the best and worse accented moments of our lives, through all the repeats, through the quickest and breathless moments, through the times we have to remind ourselves to breathe, through the legato moments where life is relatively smooth for us, through the momentarily moments were our legato breaks and we become half notes again, all the way through the al fine part. May it be said of us -always- that we had Christ in us, the hope of glory!

Together, we hope that you can see Christ through our personal stories as we endeavor to love each other. We hope that through these open journal entries you can remember God's love towards you, aspire to display that love to others, and achieve a testimony of love in your life.

We pray that the love of God be with you always and forever 🙂