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- Two (2) comprehensive marriage assessment profiles (one for you, and one for yours truly :) )
- A detailed report to help strengthen your bond and better prepare you for your journey together.
- One (1) hour of  in-depth, personalized evaluation of your marriage as it stands right now for a foundation to grow on. 
- A User-Friendly Design: You'll have the best time using this product!

What's Included:

Struggling to connect with your spouse? Take the comprehensive marriage assessment to help you understand your relationship strength & growth areas. 

Together, we'll explore every aspect of your relationship, take a look at the things that really matter, and reignite the spark of passion that will help you connect and understand each other on a deeper level.

At the end of the marriage assessment, you'll know exactly what to do to keep your love burning stronger than ever before.

Comprehensive Marriage Assessment ($47)

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- lawrence francis

We often take people—and marriage—for granted, and forget that this sacred union truly is a special experience. There are plenty of people who never find their lifelong love; or if they do marry, it ends in heartbreak. Finding the person to spend the rest of your life with is a gift, so don’t forget to treasure it day in and day out. Never stop dating one another, even past the “I Do’s,” so that you and your spouse always feel cherished, wanted and appreciated.

"Cherish Each Other."

- nathalie Francis

Marriage is absolutely beautiful! However, it is also difficult, amiright? It can feel frustrating and exhausting when two people come from two different backgrounds, experiences, and points of view and try to create one harmonious life together. Yet, even in those trying moments, loving and leaning on your spouse is always better than living a single day without them. Perhaps THAT is the beauty of marriage: the fact that God gives us someone who frustrates us with insignificant things (Honestly, just put the dishes away!), but offers us unyielding commitment and connection.

"Marriage is beautiful!""

Marriage Philosophy