“Lord, what now?”

Lord, what now?

by: Love’s Legato

“Hey sistah.”
“Guess what?”
“Uh, what?
“Don’t tell me you did something stupid now?”
“Stupid, how?”
“Like, go call him and begging for him to take you back.”
“Oh, gosh! Please say it isn’t so!” Nathalie rolls her eyes.
“Ok. I do not know what it is you think I did but I can assure you, whatever you’re thinking I didn’t do.”
“Eh, heh. Then what?”
“You’re going to have a roommate!” Nathalie says beaming.
“Uh, say what? A room-who??”
“A roommate. Me!”
“Hello?” Nathalie asks
“Yes, seriously.”
“Sometimes near the end of summer – like August. I have to finish up my contract with the work at school and put in my two weeks notice for the hospital first.”
“What about the apartment? The lease is up. Where are you going to stay?”
“Oh! Yea. I spoke to Priscilla’s mom and she is willing to let me stay at her home as long as I need.”
“Yea. She said not to worry about rent or anything also: but, I am going to give her something when I leave.”
“That was nice of her.”
“How are you feeling?”
“About living there?”
“No. How you feeling? Since last night.” Nathalie slides down to the floor and leans up against a wall.
“Oh. Don’t worry about that. I’m good.”
Nathalie sighs. “Yea. Yea, I’m good.”
“Ok. So, end of August you said?”
“Uh, no.” Nathalie laughs. “More like the beginning of August.”
“Yea. Don’t sound too excited now.”
“Well, at least I have a couple months left to myself.”
“Aww. We will have a good time like we had at this apartment. So, don’t be too sad now.” Nathalie beams.
“Uh, yea, sure.” Her sister coughs.
“Yea, I love you too.”
“Uh, huh.”
“Yea, well, um. I have to go and get this key turned in before they renew this contract.”
“Ok, sounds good.”
“We’ll catch up later.”
“Ok. Later sister.” Nathania says.
“Ok. Later. Bye.”

Nathalie hangs up the phone. She sighs, gets up and does another walk through of the apartment -starting with the bathroom. She opened up every drawer and closet door – making sure they are cleared. Afterwards, she brought all the boxes and suitcases to the front of the door and walks to the kitchen. Checking the fridge and oven, she makes sure no missed food is still hanging out there. Of course! She removes an empty pizza box from the oven. Climbing on top of the counter next to the fridge, she peers up over the refrigerator top. Noticing some dust and grime, she reaches down, grabs a Clorox wipe and cleans the top of the fridge. Climbing down, she tosses the soil wipe into the bag hanging from oven door, takes the bag down and ties it closed, and washes her hands. After loading up the car and throwing out the trash, she comes into the apartment one more time. As she grabs up her duffel bag and purse, she looks up and scans the apartment one more time. She remembers all the fun and not so fun times she had with her sister here. All the late night talks and sharing of dreams. She remembers all the potlucks and luncheon they hosted for their friends. She remembers the day they finally could have afforded furniture and the party they threw in celebration. She recalls how just days ago her ex-boyfriend was here, sleeping on the living room couch. She remembers the make-out session they had when she returned home from work early that morning: laying next to him with just her pjs on after showing. She recalls how she was silently angry with her sister when she came out to the living room before the session could go any further. She laughs now and silently says “Thank you God” that her sister was home and nothing serious happens. She recalls how when making breakfast with her sister how he came out from dressing and wraps his arms around her and kissed her neck. She recalls how he sat down and encouraged her to sit on his lap to which she did. She recalls the tickling war that ensured straight after and how her sister just rolled her eyes and left the room. She bows her head and says again “Thank you God.” Opening the door, she walks out, closes the door, and locks it.