Long Distance Relationship Doesn’t Have To Be Hard!

surviving a long distance relationship

 If you try these few tips and tricks!

Problem: One of the greatest hurdles to overcome is time! Time zone differences can be a major dealbreaker as it makes it difficult to communicate and build trust. In addtion, keeping track of what time is a source of headache.

Solution: Sync up!

His and Hers Luxury Water Resistant OLEVS Watch


Purchase a his and hers watch is a great way to decrease the confusion with time.

  1. Buy a set of couples watch
  2. Set your watch according to the timezone of your love.
  3. Block out a fixed time out dedicated to speaking with your love and your love only!


Problem: Constant missing of each other is the story of your life in this journey! The loss of ‘in the moment’ moments, loss of late night snuggles, and many other losses can make your relationship seem far away!

Solution: Write it down!

How I Fell In Love - Notebok

Purchase a journal and remind yourself of how you fell in love with each other.

  1. Write down love notes and doodles during your ‘in the moment’ moments.
  2. When you have filled up the journal, mail/ship it to your love one without letting them know you’re doing so!
  3. Read what your love has to say about you by reading ya’ll love story through their eyes!


Problem: Next to timezone, the airport is a necessary evil entity of a long distance relationship! The constant juggling of luggages and carry-ons and personal items and passport and boarding pass(es)…(!!) its a nightmare in the making

Solution: Organize Thyself!

travel book organizer!

Purchase this travel book organizer and never have a mini panic attack again! A travel book organizer is a great way to

  1. Keep all your bording pass in one location
  2. Never panic again by keeping your passport safe and secured next to boarding pass
  3. Add your money cards, receipt, ID, you name it all in one place! This book is a traveler’s dream come true!


Problem: Getting cool stamps on your passport is nothing if you do not remember a couple of months from now what you too did!

Solution: Plan & Live It Out!

traveler's agenda journal

A traveler’s planner is a perfect way to go site seeing and creating memories while spending much needed time with each other! Never again say, “Babe, what do you want to do” by

  1. Planning destinations and restaurant(s) visit
  2. Live out those plans and take some selfies what at it!
  3. Throw all your plans away and be spontaneous…then come back and jot it down!

A perfect way to recording memories for a lifetime!

Long distance relationships are a perfect excuse to go traveling while spending quality time with your love! Make it exciting and less stressful by

  1. Syncing Up!
  2. Write It Down!
  3. Organize Thyself!
  4. Plan & Live It Out!

Let us know what tips and tricks you have to making your long distance relationship work!