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Certainly! Just follow the link here in order to learn more about us. As always, always feel free to contact us anytime :) 

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From time to time, we do allow opportunities for guest posting. Please contact us for more specific information and our policies.

Do you allow guest blog post?

That is fine! We welcome discussions that differ from our views. However, we do have some very strict commenting policies. You can review them here.

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Here at Love's Legato, we present information based on past/current experiences and on personal review of academic literature on marriage. I (Nathalie) hold a graduate level degree at the University level in Public Health and currently am a doctoral candidate.

what are your qualifications?

No. Every relationship is different and every outcome differs based on situation, past history, and commitment level. We do guarantee that the information presented on this site are researched based and current within 10 years.

Do you provide guarantees?

do you offer couples counseling?

No. We are not license to provide focused individualize family/marriage therapy. As such, 
the ideas/words presented on this site should not at any time replace professional advice.

what is your purpose?

To challenged husbands and wives to get their hands dirty together as a couple and make changes that brings you one step closer to everlasting love.

what do you believe in?

Here at Love's Legato, we are a faith-based (Christian) website. We believe in the marriage covenant instituted by Christ between a man and a woman.
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