Category: Courtship

Hi everyone! This is Nathalie, and welcome to another blog post! Today, we are going to talk about how not to miss out on your husband while waiting for a “Boaz.”  Stay tuned.

So, here I was storming to the parking lot: livid.

“How dare he?” I thought as I am angrily trying to find where did I park this car???

“How dare he make me wait? How dare he not even call to find out where was I? How dare he make me so uncomfortable..” etc, etc, etc. I had a few choice words for him!

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So, here I was, waiting for Lawrence to arrive and he is currently a no show. It is almost 10am (9:57am to be exact) and I was contemplating what to do because I do not want to be late for this meeting. I was expecting him to be outside the parking lot waiting for me and he is not here. So, -after much thinking- I got out of the vehicle and walked around the campus twice (I got a bit lost) to find the piano room located at the N building.

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There are times I’ll catch Lawrence looking at me unaware. I mean, he always looks at me (shh!) but some days he looks at me: with this unexplainable ‘look’ of love that makes me catch my breath. When I catch him in those moments, I always wonder what is he thinking??

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