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4 Reasons Why I DIDN’T Marry My Best Friend - Love's Legato

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4 Reasons Why I DIDN’T Marry My Best Friend

I’m not here to say that best friends can’t fall in love and get married – but honestly, that’s not how it usually works out… and for good reason, too! Your best friends and your eventual spouse typically offer you different things that you need in life. What your spouse DOES offer you – and the aspects of your relationship that make it different than an everyday friendship – are truly worth cherishing however, so don’t be dismayed.

Here’s what makes it different…


Marry My Best Friend Truths | Loves Legato




This is kind of a no-brainer isn’t it?

After all, we aren’t intimate with our best friend in the ways we are with our spouses in our bedrooms.

I get it. That’s not the only way to be intimate, however.

The ability to truly open yourself up to someone raw and unashamed – is something that only comes from a relationship such as marriage. It’s an unbelievable feeling to know that there is ONE person in the whole world that you can truly have the freedom to be yourself around without judgement.

If that isn’t intimate than I don’t know what is!



I know the word “best” typically refers to something/ someone that is a singular thing or person higher than others but let’s be honest: most people have more than one BEST FRIEND.

In fact, best friends are usually groups of people that have connected and grown together over the years, such as college roommates, colleagues or members of a team.

So when it comes to your husband, it’s the exclusivity that you get from that relationship, that is unlike any other friendship. Your friends have other friends… but your husband only has ONE WIFE… YOU!



At the end of the day it’s the person sitting across the dinner table from you or sharing a space in bed, that is your true companion in life. Friends come and go in our lives like chapters of a book – some longer, some shorter – but our spouses are committed companions for life.

Just knowing that there will always be someone to lean on and experience life with in such a way as this is incredibly moving… and something that I believe married couples should always hold dear to their hearts.


Building a Family

There’s nothing more exclusive to a marriage than starting and raising a family together. Through your love for one another you have a unique opportunity to create something truly beautiful – and that’s children to carry on your legacies for generations to come.

I challenge you to go STOP demoting your spouse into the “friend” category and elevate them to their proper position in your life – in the words of Adam: “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” 

Check out the Marriage Evaluation Profile to learn exactly how you can transition your spouse from “best friend” to “partner” today.



To love, always,
Lawrence + Nathalie

Professional bio: We’re a husband-and-wife marriage mentoring team who equips struggling couples with effective communication techniques. We believe in thinking outside the box when working with couples because everyone—including YOU—has a unique, extraordinary love story. We’re passionate about teaching you how to replace the negative, unproductive communication patterns that just aren’t working with positive, more beneficial ones that will transform your marriage. To learn more visit: www.loveslegato.com. We cannot wait to meet you! Mark 10:9


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- lawrence francis

We often take people—and marriage—for granted, and forget that this sacred union truly is a special experience. There are plenty of people who never find their lifelong love; or if they do marry, it ends in heartbreak. Finding the person to spend the rest of your life with is a gift, so don’t forget to treasure it day in and day out. Never stop dating one another, even past the “I Do’s,” so that you and your spouse always feel cherished, wanted and appreciated.

"Cherish Each Other."

- nathalie Francis

Marriage is absolutely beautiful! However, it is also difficult, amiright? It can feel frustrating and exhausting when two people come from two different backgrounds, experiences, and points of view and try to create one harmonious life together. Yet, even in those trying moments, loving and leaning on your spouse is always better than living a single day without them. Perhaps THAT is the beauty of marriage: the fact that God gives us someone who frustrates us with insignificant things (Honestly, just put the dishes away!), but offers us unyielding commitment and connection.

"Marriage is beautiful!""

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