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The Ultimate Newlywed List: 8 Total Must Have Things For a Successful Marriage - Love's Legato

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As a husband-and-wife team, we know it takes guts and grits to making a marriage thrive! We're here to arm you with scientifically proven, relationship-saving, tactics that'll transform your marriage from one step from divorce to thriving!

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The Ultimate Newlywed List: 8 Total Must Have Things For a Successful Marriage


Sure you’ve already received most of the gifts from your wedding registry, but is that really all you thought was necessary to ensure newlywed bliss? Not if you want a long-term and successful marriage, my friend. Lucky for you I’ve already created a list of the ultimate must-have’s to get your marriage off to a fantastic start… and keep it that way for the long run.

The Pet

Looking to see the caring, tender side of your partner? Look no further than a fluffy, four-legged friend to lead the way. Sharing the responsibility for a pet is a great way to see how you can work together to care for something and see how your partner distributes affection for other living things.

Now, am I saying this is the same thing as caring for a someday child?

Nope, not so much- but still, it’s a start!

The Plant

If you think caring for a pet is hard, then boy do I have news for you: caring for a plant can be even trickier- especially for those with a perpetual black thumb. Have no fear though, it CAN be done and with the right routine, patience and attention, your plant can thrive just as beautifully as your marriage.

As a bonus, consider planting a fruit tree that will continue to yield its blessings to you throughout the years, as the perfect symbol of the love you’ve nurtured together.

The Cook

Here’s to spicing it up a bit… in the kitchen that is!

By learning how to cook together, you can turn daily tasks into genuine moments of quality time. Not only does this help to make a sometimes boring chore into something fun, but it also allows you to use your creative thinking for new dishes to call all your own! No matter what you’re whipping up in the kitchen, I have no doubt that it will be equally delicious and beneficial for your marriage!

The Trust

A relationship without trust is like a bicycle without wheels- and that means you’re going nowhere fast!

Every relationship is different- and depending on your previous experiences, I understand that it may be hard to accept that you must fully dedicate yourself to trusting your partner- but alas, it IS necessary. Learn to foster, maintain and keep the trust in your marriage to keep it healthy and prosperous for years to come.

The Goals

Work together to come up with daily, weekly, and monthly goals you two would like to accomplish together. By doing this, it will help to keep both parties on the same page and add excitement knowing you are accomplishing tasks together… that otherwise might get left undone. By using one another for motivation, the sky’s the limit for what you can bring to fruition: debt reduction, dinner parties, special celebrations, exciting vacations, and more.

The Good Time

It’s easy to get sucked into a mediocre routine of doing nothing day after day when you’re married. I get it- you’re busy, tired from working and the thought of going out seems less desirable than comfy clothes and your favorite spot on the couch.

While no one expects you to go out every night of the week (let’s be honest, who even wants to do that?!) I do highly recommend you try something new at least once a month. Be adventurous and push your comfort zones together by trying exotic foods, new activities or surprising one another with a fully planned day out.

The Spark

Do you remember who approached who first? How about who initiated the number exchange? No matter who decided to pull the trigger first, you both no doubt worked hard to impress one another to get to that point.

Don’t let that spark fizzle out; instead, remember to do the little things, keep the moments light hearted and silly and always continue to date your spouse year after year!

The Commitment

Seems pretty obvious, right?

Unfortunately it becomes way too easy to let life get in the way of staying committed to the one person that truly deserves it. Always stay mindful of the fact that your spouse is working just as hard on a daily basis- despite the bills, work, stress, etc.- to be committed to you, too.

Together, anything is possible.


To love, always,

Lawrence + Nathalie

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Professional bio: Love’s Legato is a Christian-based, husband-and-wife marriage ministry dedicated to taking ordinary newlyweds with extraordinary love stories and capture their one-of-a-kind message into a sustainable and profitable marital ministry. To find out more, visit www.loveslegato.com. We cannot wait to learn more about you and the vision you hope to bring forth fruit in your marriage today! Mark 10:9


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- Nathalie francis

Marriage is....absolutely beautiful! Yes, it’s also hard. And frustrating. And at times, exhausting. But most of the time - and even in those difficult moments - having your partner to love and lean on is always better than any day without them. And perhaps, that IS the beauty of marriage: the fact that you can have this individual that frustrates you over insignificant things (honestly, just put the dishes away!) but in the end, you still know there’s a connection between the two of you that can never be broken.

"Marriage is beautiful!"

- Lawrence Francis

Never stop learning about each other. With the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to forget that marriage truly is a special experience - and it’s not a given. There are plenty of people who never marry- or do, only to have it end in heartbreak. Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a gift, so don’t forget to treasure it day in and day out. Make it a point to keep dating one another well past the “I Do’s” so that you always feel cherished, wanted and appreciated by one another. 

"Never stop learning."

Dear Newlywed,