Three months since I walked down that aisle. Three months since I said my I Do’s. Three months since I almost converted to a bridezilla! 😉

When Lawrence first asked me to be his girlfriend in 2014 I was just getting ready to leave for a month long trip to Haiti and we had just barely found out that we mutually like each other as more than friends. The thought of a long distance relationship – to me – was nauseating. Simply, because they do not work! (So I thought!)

In fact, before heading out for medical school overseas for 2 years, I asked Lawrence permission to “just be friends” as I had no intentions of pursuing a romantic relationship with him an ocean apart because why bother??

His answer? No! He actually convinced me to go there as his girlfriend and if I return and do not want to pursue it anymore, then we can “re-adjust” our status!

Needless to say, we remained an item until the day he popped the question and again I said no.

Our whole dating career (over 3 years) have been long distance: separated by cities, the Atlantic ocean and Caribbean Sea. Over a 3 year dating period, we spent an equivalent of 6 months physically together. Marriage would be the first time ever that we spent 24/7, 365 days and time together. We were literally going from countdown til when I see you again –> to countdown to when are you going to leave (lol, no)???

So, I told Lawrence no. What if we don’t like living together? What if we end up hating each other? What if, what if, what if? My solution? We should at least try to be together in one spot first before thinking of marriage. His response?

Lawrence: You’re right. We should try to be together in one spot…while married.

Long story short, I found myself walking down the aisle

to be married to my God-fearing husband who refused to be my “friend” and boyfriend for another year! 🙂

Lawrence is the sweetest guy ever (shh!) and do crazy things with me like

getting a mani/pedi

and facial ( he is going to kill me for this! hehe)

or the sweetest thing like putting on/taking off my shoes

all while acting “tough” about it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

From dating


To being engaged

To getting married -trust me, that has been the best decision we made together yet! 😉

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