Nathalie [0500]: 5am in the morning??! make it stop!

Nathalie [0530]: “Ugh! I promise you if Lawrence’s alarm goes off one. more. time…!”

Nathalie [0600] – shakes husband awake: “Get up already or I’ll break your phone!”

-Back Track-

We are about two (2) weeks married and we’re at a good friend of ours home who helped us out A LOT during wedding planning, preparation and breakdown. So, we’re over there sitting down, chit chatting having a good time and sharing stories of the wedding experience together with the secret intention to surprise them with a thank you gift.

During that time, someone asked Lawrence,

“Does Nathalie make you breakfast in the morning or pack you lunch for work?”

Lawrence and I, we both looked at each other and busted out laughing and said “No!” together. I even rolled my eyes a bit. The individual looked at us all strange like and was like “Well, that’s interesting. I’d thought that’s something she’ll do.” 😐

That comment bothered me for a good while and I left the place like seriously?! So what if I don’t wake up to make breakfast for Lawrence or pack him lunch to go to work with in the mornings? So what? I am NOT a morning person-especially if I have no where to go! I value my beauty sleep and Lawrence is very much capable of doing those things himself thank you very much!

Then … Lawrence was involved in a car accident. The morning of the accident, I didn’t wake up to see him off to work-as usual. He tried waking me up to pray before he left but I swatted him off. I felt him kneel down and pray over me, give me a kiss and said,

Lawrence: ” I love you.”

I did not even bother to respond. He gave me another kiss and then I heard the front door open and close. Click. Door is locked. I rolled over, fluffed the pillow a couple of times, pulled the covers up over my head and back to sleep I go! Then, my alarm went off (!!) – maybe 30 minutes later. I grabbed my phone to hit ‘snooze’ and noticed my phone was being blown up. That’s when I found out that while Lawrence was on the freeway driving to work, he was rear-ended by another driver and that the ambulance was already at scene ready to take him to the hospital! 👀 😳. I was able to speak to Lawrence before ambulance took him and he was in a full blown panic attack and completely incomprehensible. I was in complete shock an disbelief that I did not even remember to ask the paramedic which hospital are they taking him to??

“Does Nathalie make you breakfast in the morning or pack your lunch for work?”

Those words came back to haunt me. I could have lost him that morning and I didn’t even bother to wake up and say even ‘I love you’ to him before he headed off to work. 😔. A few days after the incident – while Lawrence was home from work recoverying – I asked him about it to see if its something he wished I did.

Lawrence: “Yes, I would love that. However, I know you’re busy studying hard for your licensing exam so its ok if you don’t.”

-Present Day-

So, this is why I find myself threatening to make my husband phoneless almost every morning since the accident. 😂 Every morning I awake when he does – ok, maybe a little after he does 😜 – and make him breakfast and pack his lunch. Those ~45mins I get with him all alone first thing in the morning continue to be a priceless blessing! We have so much fun and he leaves the house satisfied ;), stomach filled and with a smile on his face!

So yes, for Lawrence, it can be 5am in the morning…. Ok, fine. Make it six….Ok, Ok. 0630 then 😁

“On a good day, enjoy yourself;
On a bad day, examine your conscience.
God arranges for both kinds of days
So that we won’t take anything for granted.”

– Ecclesiastes 7:14, The Message



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