During my single days I used to admire my friends relationships. I really enjoyed watching their love grow from dating to engaged to married and beyond. I always wondered (and asked) though, how did they know that this person was “the one?”

I mean, of all the millions of people out there in the world why him/her? Were not they ever afraid that once they marry they might run into someone who is just better then him/her?  Who makes your heartbeat just a bit faster then he/she does? Or, steals your breath away just a bit longer? What about him/her that made you say yes, “I want to spend forever with them?” Was it the way they talked? The way they walked? A smile? A touch? A kiss that said it all??

I remember when asking engage couples these questions I always got the same annoying answer – which by the way was really not an answer – “you’ll know.” :|. At that time I was dating my (ex)boyfriend for over three (3) years and was still trying to “know.”  How was I suppose to “know” when I don’t even know what are the sign(s) to look for???  Ugh!

Then, I met Lawrence and they were right – I knew :).

Its not a single specific moment, or a touch or even a kiss that reveals this secret to you: no. Its not even about how the person walks, or talks, or smiles at you: no. Its a compilation of those moments, touches and kisses. Its the person behind the heart stopping smile or that sexy swaggering walk of there’s. Its who the person is, their very existence that makes them “the one.” If that made no sense to you now, trust me, one day you’ll know 😉

I am very happy to say that I am marry my one in …. oh, let’s say 24hrs??? 😀 😀 😀 😀

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