There are times I’ll catch Lawrence looking at me unaware. I mean, he always looks at me (shh!) but some days he looks at me: with this unexplainable ‘look’ of love that makes me catch my breath. When I catch him in those moments, I always wonder what is he thinking??

There are some pictures that I literally can stare at for hours only to try to evaluate the meaning of this look – such as this one:

At times, the way Lawrence sneaks in his look, the way he acts towards me, the way he treats me, the things he do for me makes me wonder how does he see me? Too bad the emotional vocabulary of men is severely lacking; and the most I get out of him when I ask is, “I don’t know what ‘look’ you’re talking about.” 😐

Sometimes, I wonder how does Christ really sees me? I wonder what does He see, what does He think, when He looks into my life at a particular moment? When I am struggling, what does He see? When I am happy, what does He see? When I am at my worse of worse moments, what does His facial expression display?

The Bible tells of a moment when Jesus looked at a man to his core and it literally was a jarring moment!

The Bible tells of a moment when Jesus looked at a man to his core and it literally was a jarring moment! The story is told of how prior to Jesus being arrested, Peter told Christ he would follow Him wherever He goes – even unto death (Luke 22:31-33). Jesus essentially responded “You’re not ready yet Peter” (Luke 22:34). Guess, what? Peter really wasn’t ready yet! As Christ spoke, so it happened. Within the span of less than day, twice Peter denied Him. The third time, Jesus looked straight at Peter.

It was a look so profound, so understandable by Peter alone that he left straightaway, weeping bitterly (Luke 22:60). Wow.

Though Lawrence may not have words to describe what the look he gives me at times mean, Christ explains what His looks towards us means. Though we cannot physically see with our two little eyes God’s expression when He looks at us, He tells us that when He does look at us He is looking into our heart (1 Samuel 16:7). He is looking for a heart that is seeking Him (Psalms 14:2). He is considering all that we are doing (Psalms 33:13-15, Job 34:21). He is seeking to counsel (Psalms 32:8). He even looks at us with favor (Proverbs 3:4) in His eyes at times.

Whatever the look is that Christ gives, its life changing.


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