Its the holiday season and though we as a family do not celebrate Christmas; we take the advantage the moment brings: days off from work and school and life duties to come together and spend a few loud, rambunctious and lively time together. As always, whenever my siblings and I get together, one of three topics are a very sure: men, relationships and catching up with each other’s personal lives.

This holiday break did not disappoint. True to past experiences, we still had our moments of “so nice to see you,” then the loud yelling of laughter, jokes, and gossip were upon us. When all settle down the anticipated men conversation happened. This year the discussion was geared toward marriage and marital exceptions considering the upcoming wedding (Lawrence & I’s). During that discussion, one of my sisters said something every very very much profound that I never thought about before until she mentioned it.

“Would you want to be with a guy who is not 100% spiritually strong all the time? I mean, If he is not physically strong that is ok because its easy to take care of the home. But, spiritually, do you think he must be 100% strong and unpersuaded 100% all the time?”

To me, this was a very deep sentence because it sent me to the Bible to study.

The Bible tells us that men are the spiritual leader of their homes. They are spiritually responsible for their household and that they are the priest who is in charge of the daily sacrifice (aka: prayer) of their home. In fact, Christ tells us that in a marriage men serves to symbolize Christ and his bride (the wife) serves to symbolize the church.

“Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church.”

However, what happens when men fall short of this duty? What happens when men are not 100% spiritually “there” and thus the women have to “pick up” the slack?

-To Be Continued –

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