Going home this break I thought it was going to be just like any other break: a lot of sleeping and binging on Netflix and eating all my favorite foods that are either non-existent or very expansive on  the island. Little did I know that my life will forever change……….because……………………drum roll please………

We’re Getting Married!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yes, you heard (lol, rather read) correctly ! We are tying the knot, getting hitched, jumping the broom, settling down, whatever you want to call it, its happening!! ^_^

Man, I am so super duper happy! Last semester my parents were acting so funny around the time we were wrapping things up and getting ready for finals. My mom called me one Saturday and was like, she has so much she wants to tell me and so many things that we need to talk about. I was like, ok, I have time now, let’s talk. Her response? No, we have to wait until you get back for it to be a huge family meeting. 😐 lol. I am use to “family meetings” since we were knee high to a grasshopper so I did not think much of it…Only to come home and realize that my boyfriend is no longer my boyfriend but my fiancé !!!!! 🙂 He went and asked my parents permission for my hand in marriage and they said yes..!!!


So all the weirdness and odd behaviors of my parents makes sense now! And, we did in fact have the family meeting where my sisters, brother and parents sat him down and grilled him for hours (poor guy) and guess what? He did not run away (!) lol and still wants to get married! 😀 <3 So, out goes my plan to become one (lol, pun intended) with my FirstAid book this break! Since I will be disappearing again into the academic world from Sept-Dec. I had to go………………..

dress shopping!!!! I went to so many different bridal salons in several cities and tried on a whole bunch of different dresses and styles that were yea and nay. …only to go to a bridal outlet store just out of the whim to get out of the house and

I found “The One”***

We also got a photographer, a wedding planner, the church and reception hall booked all within the 2 weeks break!!! All with the help of friends and family. It was so stressful and the break went by so fast!! This time I was really sad to be returning back to school and I have a WHOLE list of things still needing to be done. Since both my fiance and I are in school this Fall term, wedding planning will be coming to a grinding halt until the end of the semester….

***(Sorry! No pics of that until the “Big Day” 🙂 )!! 

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