One of the hardest thing about being an in a long distance courtship and engagement is not having the person physically right next besides you.

Yes, Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, text messages, email (sorry, we don’t use snail mail here!) are great in the fact that they allow us to speak to and see each other in real time. However, its technology and let’s face it:  technology is great when it works like it is supposed to but SUCKS when it does not! On so many different occasions we became so frustrated with each other due to calls keep dropping, poor connection, poor quality of video due to different internet speeds and – the most aggravating yet (!!) – not being able to hear each other due to a delay in speech! In addition, social media is a whole new language to learn when trying to communicate because you are not physically there next to the person to see every nuisance of their body language as they speak. So, in conjugation with the already aforementioned technical difficulties, arguments have happened simply because we could not understand or hear or even heard the other incorrectly!

Then, there are times when all you desire is to receive a comforting embrace after you had a bad day at work or school, and/or have a deep serious conversation you want to bring up but hold back because let’s be honest: it’s just not the same!

Lawrence and I, we get by with social media but boy do we count down the days until we can see, touch, hug and smell (yes! Lawrence smells good!) each other! What a day (or days!) that is!! Sadly, it seems like those days we have to spend with each other goes by so much more quickly then the days that separate us for a season again!

Have you yourself ever felt that way before? Longing to be next to someone -whomever it may be -to talk to them, to cuddle with or just have a good time with them right next beside you? Have you ever longed for an embrace? The kind of hug that makes you feel secured and assured at that every moment for the duration that the hug lasts for? Ever had that kind of hug that makes it seems like everything will actually be alright?

Have your “best means” for communication ever been the source of misunderstanding​ for you? A source of grief for you?

I wonder how Christ Himself must feel on days like this. The days He long to give us a word but we are too busy going about our daily life activities. The days He longs to spend time communicating with us; but, on our end the connection is just…well, bad and quite frankly not even there. The days He longs to comfort us and embrace us but we seem just too far away? I wonder how He must feel when His best means of communicating His love to us – The Holy Bible – just does not seem good enough to us and, sadly, even becomes the source of grief to Him seeing how at times The Word is miscommunicated, misjudged, misconstrued, mis ______. I wonder how He must be anxiously looking forward to the day when He can finally (!) hold us physically next to Him, embrace us into His loving arms and whisper “I love you _________. Welcome home.”  Wow. What a day huh?

But until then, as I anxiously wait to return home to the embrace and physical presence of my fiancé Lawrence, spending as much precious time (or even “borrowing” time away from studying: shh!) to speak to him, I hope you too will anxiously await for the coming of Christ and spending as much precious time (and yes, even “borrowing” time away from your distractors) to speak and connect with Christ as well as.

“As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, my God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When can I go and meet with God?” – Psalms 42:1-2

Penny For Your Thoughts