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we're a husband and wife marriage mentoring team for christian couples who

We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of every couple we serve - from the sparks that fly during your first look, to the kisses you steal at your 60th wedding anniversary. We believe


We believe authentic love is deserving to reign in every marriage, husbands and wives be fully equipped to pursue God's calling in ministry and every new marriage to serve as a beacon of light, testifying to the existence of Christ’s unfailing love.

We believe

In your love story

really truly believes in happily ever afters.

really truly believes in happily ever afters.

So, hey! I'm Nathalie.

my husband - lawrence - and i are the successful owners, marriage mentors, and hearts behind Love’s Legato: here to serve christian couples after the "I Dos."

We specialize in relationship coaching for Christian couples struggling to find their “bliss” in marriage. WE EQUIP YOU with the practical skills, resources and tools you need TO BUILD A STRONG MARITAL FOUNDATION (grounded by faith, rooted in Christ) AND get you pursuing a fun, fulfilling, passionate, long-lasting marriage - TOGETHER







We've got marriage down to a science.




OUR service

OUR services

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A customized marriage assessment guide for married Christian couples
ready to walk by faith and keep their marriage strong. 

A Customized Marriage Assessment For Christian Newlyweds Ready To PURSUE, IMPROVE And STRENGTHEN Their Marriage For The Happily Ever After They Deserve

this sounds like us! We want to learn more.

this sounds like us! We want to learn more.

- Nathalie francis

Marriage is....absolutely beautiful! Yes, it’s also hard. And frustrating. And at times, exhausting. But most of the time - and even in those difficult moments - having your partner to love and lean on is always better than any day without them. And perhaps, that IS the beauty of marriage: the fact that you can have this individual that frustrates you over insignificant things (honestly, just put the dishes away!) but in the end, you still know there’s a connection between the two of you that can never be broken.

"Marriage is beautiful!"

- Lawrence Francis

Never stop learning about each other. With the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to forget that marriage truly is a special experience - and it’s not a given. There are plenty of people who never marry- or do, only to have it end in heartbreak. Finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is a gift, so don’t forget to treasure it day in and day out. Make it a point to keep dating one another well past the “I Do’s” so that you always feel cherished, wanted and appreciated by one another. 

"Never stop learning."

Unmatched Love