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I cannot believe that I just left you to catch a subway that will take you to the airport to catch a flight that will lead you far far far away from me. I thought I could handle it like so many other planes rides that lead me miles away from you but this one, this one is different. By now, you’re probably somewhere up in the air or in the midst of catching your second flight that will lead you home. Either way, I just want to leave you with this letter:

Nathalie [0500]: 5am in the morning??! make it stop!

Nathalie [0530]: “Ugh! I promise you if Lawrence’s alarm goes off one. more. time…!”

Nathalie [0600] – shakes husband awake: “Get up already or I’ll break your phone!”

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During my single days I used to admire my friends relationships. I really enjoyed watching their love grow from dating to engaged to married and beyond. I always wondered (and asked) though, how did they know that this person was “the one?”

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Going home this break I thought it was going to be just like any other break: a lot of sleeping and binging on Netflix and eating all my favorite foods that are either non-existent or very expansive on  the island. Little did I know that my life will forever change……….because……………………drum roll please………

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