Q&A: Long Distance Relationship – How To’s.


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Many have asked (and continue to ask) what can you do when you’re apart and missing the other?

Well, we have some answers for you!


How We Found Ourselves in a Long Distance Relationship

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As we mentioned before, Lawrence and I are definitely not in a long distance relationship (LDR) for fun -fyi! 

We never really mentioned why we are in one before so here it is!

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It’s the holidays and the season where people are getting married or hoping to be engaged come Christmas or New Years. Some might be lucky. Others, not so much. Therefore, whether your holidays are cheery or dreary, be mindful of how you speak to those who are single around you. As there are ‘5 Ways To Totally Annoy Singles’ this holiday time.

Its the holiday season where families gather around huge feasting tables with music and laughter and endless joy bouncing around. “Happy Thanksgiving” is being thrown around like confetti and “I’m thankful because…” reasons are being spoken out.

Yet, I’m alone, cold and lonely. Can you imagine that? To be married and lonely?

A few months ago I was not at this place.

A few months ago, I was right where I wanted to be: not here.

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I cannot believe that I just left you to catch a subway that will take you to the airport to catch a flight that will lead you far far far away from me. I thought I could handle it like so many other planes rides that lead me miles away from you but this one, this one is different. By now, you’re probably somewhere up in the air or in the midst of catching your second flight that will lead you home. Either way, I just want to leave you with this letter: