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Three Cord Strong not easily broken.” A saying that Christians use almost as a “goodluck charm” that will prevent divorce, seperation, and/or breakup of their relationship. They’ll say

“As long as we (husband and wife) have Christ in our relationship, all will be well.”

What if I told you that this is not the case?

The concept of three cord strong comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12:

And if someone overpowers one person,
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“Whosoever findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.”
-Proverbs 18:22

Myself, Nathalie, or Nathalie and I are constantly asked by others

How do you guys do it? How do you guys spend so much time apart and still be so “in love?”


“You guys are in inspiration. Me? I can never do a long distance relationship!”

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Welcome to 2018!

After starting this long distance relationship journey back in 2014(!) I never thought 4 years later I would still be journeying this road!

Four years later, Lawrence and I still have the look of admiration on our face when we look at each other and our love is still full of explosion, fireworks and laughs.

We have grown so much as a couple and our love has an incredible depth to it.

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Q&A: Long Distance Relationship: How To’s

Conversation with The Francis’


Love’s Legato

Next to Valentine’s Day, the holidays are probably the next most hated time of the year for long distance couples!

Statistically, December is actually the most popular month for love: not February! Of all the engagements proposals that occur in a given year, 16% occur during December alone (!) compared to only 8% in February! Popular engagment dates in December includes Christmas Eve,

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