Welcome to 2018!

After starting this long distance relationship journey back in 2014(!) I never thought 4 years later I would still be journeying this road!

Four years later, Lawrence and I still have the look of admiration on our face when we look at each other and our love is still full of explosion, fireworks and laughs.

The Best Day of Our Lives!

We have grown so much as a couple and our love has an incredible depth to it.

Its ironic to see how far this girl (me) who once had no desire for a long distance relationship (still don’t!) and a total skeptic towards the success of one has made it through four years together with the best husband ever!

So therefore, I am here to tell you that if you ever find yourself in a long distance relationship with your significant other, it can work!



Here are 5 lessons that we learned that strengthen us together as a couple that might help you and yours grow together as well!

Time is money (literally!) and short in a long distance relationship. Thus, we had to learn how to say much without using too much words. In addition, we had to learn descriptive language when speaking to portray certain feelings/desires we are experiencing at that moment because -of course-the person is not there to see/read your body language!

So, conversation has become an art for us. We had to learn to “hug” without physically hugging and to “touch” without physically touching.

You will be surprised how your vocabulary expends when apart!

The times Lawrence and I spent apart really taught me how to appreciate him. I was starting to take him for granted until I almost lost him. Since that day, I have been finding and uplifting the value I find in him.

While apart, I miss him for the little things like carrying heavy bags, or helping me with laundry or shopping together.

I’m so grateful that he is mine to call mine 🙂

Lawrence is a God-fearing man who really does a good job of being the man of the home. At times its super annoying -not going to lie!-but I truly love how he takes initiative to do. 

Sometimes, I fail to realize its God working through him to do what he does for me.

Being miles apart teaches me that God is the sole protector, provider, and priest to me and Lawrence. It is He that keeps us and not we ourselves.

I am humbly reminded of that fact when my car has broken on the side of the road and I can’t call Lawrence to come help me. Or, the times I have literally no means for food, no power, no internet, God is still there.

The hardest thing of being in a long distance relationship is the loneliness. Seeing couples out and about holding hands or love being displayed altogether is tough and makes you miss the person even more. The hardest is at night when you desire to reach for the person but you get nothing but air.

Lawrence is so warm and cuddly and I love wrapping myself around him and holding him tight. Yea, nightime is tough.

Yet, this has taught me self-control and how to speak to God when I’m the loneliest.


You need to be confident and independent to survive a long distance relationship. If you have a low self-esteem, clingy /dependent / distrustful personality long distance isn’t for you.

I say this because there are times you’re not going to know what the person is doing. There are times you’re not going to hear from them. There are time that they cannot be there for you when you need them the most emotionally.

So, you have to be able to be ok being alone (can’t stress that enough) and trust that you’re enough for the other-even while away.

How about you? Have you ever been in a long distance relationship (can be for few short days or years)? If so, what has it taught you? I would love to read your thoughts below!


Happy New Yr!!

I pray this year will bring much blessings, joy, and love into your relationship. May God bind you and your love much closer together than in 2017!

Penny For Your Thoughts