Dear Lawrence:

What an awesome time these past 4 months have been being ‘Mrs. Francis’ :). You are such a joy to be around with (constantly I might add!) and a very very very fine and sexy husband ;). Had I known that being married to you would be like this, I would have asked you to marry me after 6mos of dating!

I joke. 🙂

You are a true man of our home: providing financially and leading spiritually. I love it when you randomly bring home with you some of my favorite snacks and foods to let me know you were thinking of me. You have been so encouraging and motivating and willing to let me study for my board exam and you were there to help celebrate with me after learning that I passed and can move on to the next level on this journey to becoming a physician.

Now, because of that passing mark, I must go away from you. Again. For a llllooonngggg 365 days…..

In between those 365 days, we won’t be able to host our first Thanksgiving dinner as a married couple or even go Black Friday shopping together (can you believe that???)! 😉 We won’t even be able to spend the holidays together or even ring in the new year 2018 together. 🙁 There will be many a night that I will roll over and you will not be there to hug and wrap myself around to and many a night I will wake up not finding you wrapped around me. No longer will I have to fight for some blanket real-estate or hear the sound of you fast asleep next to me. I am thinking about all the days you’ll have to pack your own breakfast and lunch, and those days you’ll be coming home from work with no food on the table just waiting to be eaten by you. I’m thinking about me being sleep deprived, half frozen and all alone in the Big Apple.

However, through it all, just know that I will still be your biggest fan. I will still pray for you, laugh with you and whisper sweet nothings to you in the middle of the night………through Skype 🙂

I love you Mr. Francis. #countdownstartsnow #364moredays

Forever and Always, your Mrs. 😀





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