One of my fondest and moment I had with Lawrence was what we are calling the “Piano Room ‘date'”. We are saying “date” because, well, technically it was not an official date. You see, Lawrence and I, we just begun to speak in the end of March 2014 and here it is early April 2014. We have yet to hang out outside of church. As a matter of fact, we only saw one another once a week: at church only. When we did see each other at church we were so nervous still we barely spoked to one other. I remember at one point telling Lawrence that…

So, this “date” as a turning point of our normal online chatting to actually hanging out together…face-to-face, just us…for an undetermined amount of time.

It came about because I told Lawrence that I too use to play the piano and he requested that I come hang out with him in his ‘get-away’ spot- the Piano Room on campus.Mind you, I have not touched the piano since, well, let’s see, 7 years ago (!) and here I was agreeing to go play for this guy I just met -literally- and hang with him…!! I remember being so excited about it that I let it slip to my sister and friend that he – meaning Lawrence – asked me to come hang with him. Me!! **Screeches and dances around!*** It seems like we both were looking forward to it…

Of course I got no sleep that night!

Of course I got no sleep that night! Next morning, I work up extra early, tried on every clothes in my closet, finally setting onan outfit, got to the located 30mins earlier-don’t judge me!- sat in the parking lot fixing all the invisible fly-away hairs, applying and reapplying chapstick (ashy / cracked lips – not attractive!), checked and double checked how I looked, and waited for 10am to come or for Lawrence to come out and wait for me at the parking lot to show me the way in when I “arrive.”

So, 10am came and went and I was still at the parking lot waiting…and waiting….and waiting….no Lawrence…. 😐

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